World Cup Predictions

Predictions made by the Digital Media Club

Here are the world cup predictions from the Digital Media Club:

Club Member Top Goal Scorer Winner (3choices) Top Assister Best Defender Best Midfielder Best Striker Best Goalkeeper
Kai Messi Brazil Germany Holland Robben S.Ramos Robben or Pogba Messi Howard or Neuer
Ivan Ronaldo Brazil Portugal Argentina Neymar Zabeleta Robben Neymar Neuer
Salah Neymar Brazil Algeria Argentina Van Persie Zabeleta Ronaldo Ronaldo Neuer
Nosa Muller Holland Nigeria Chile Messi Lahm Pogba Neymar Neuer
Daniel Ronaldo Brazil Uruguay Argentina Messi Zabeleta Ronaldo Messi Neuer
Tracey Benzema France Brazil Argentina Ribery Zabeleta Pogba Messi Howard
Bryon Messi Holland Switzerland Brazil Robben Zabeleta Robben Ronaldo Neuer
Jonathan Neymar Germany Portugal Brazil Hulk Zabeleta Ronaldo Neymar Cesar
World Cup Winner Media Club World Cup Prediction Winner is… Runner Up
Germany …Kai ! Jonathan

Who’s who?

Ronaldo Messi Robben Neymar Muller
Benzema Neuer van P Ribery Hulk
Ramos Pogba Howard Cesar Zabeleta

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