Top Ten Online Games

Top Ten

These are our top ten online games that we like to play on the computer.

Sandcastle#10 – Sandcastle

This is a good game because it involves a lot of action and it involves aiming and shooting. The aim of the game is to shoot down all the ships, but watch out they can shoot back.


Dead tree#9 – Dead Tree Defender

Just like Sandcastle it involves a lot of aiming and shooting, but this time you get to move your player around and shoot from different angles.


Club Penguin#8 – Club Penguin

This is a multi-player online game where you get to meet other people playing Club Penguin. You get to buy puffles which are pets and feed them. You get to explore the world of Club Penguin and sometimes there are missions from the penguin force called the EPF.


Bin Weevils#7 – Bin Weevils

This is like Club Penguin except the pets are called Bin Pets and they look different. You get different areas with different missions. There is no real aim to the game but to have fun.


Lord#6 – Lego Lord Of The Rings

In this game the aim is to complete the same quest as the movie Lord of the Rings. You can be one of many characters including Legolas, Gimli, Bilbo Baggins, Sam, Gandalf and Aragorn.



SSX is a snowboarding game where you have three modes: World Tour, Explore and Online. There is no real aim to the game but you just have as much fun as you can doing tricks on your board.


Strike Force#4 – Strike Force Heroes

Strike Force Heroes is a shooting game on Armour Games. It involves a lot of action and has 15 missions. There is a storyline where you’re meant to stop a group of people called ¬†Globex who are trying to launch a nuke to destroy an island. The mission is to replace the nuke warhead with one that holds a cure for a virus that has made some of your fellow soldiers mad with anger.


Spiral#3 – Spiral Knights

This game is a multi-player game that involves tons random of missions. The main storyline of this game is that you are a recruit and you have been fighting in the Morai wars and you have crash landed on a unknown world but luckily some of your friends are on the world too including your general. Then you are sent to a city with others of your kind in it. You have to restore power to the right people.


Minecraft#2 – Minecraft

This is a single or multi-player game which can be played over multiple servers. There is no story or quests, the game relies on individual players creativity but you can create objects and build anything you want to. If you are on easy, medium or hard mode you can fight mobs like zombies, skeletons, creepers and other types of mobs.


Tanki#1 – Tanki Online

You can play single player or multi-player mode. The aim of the game is to kill as many opponents as possible. You start off with a single tank and the more battles you play the more crystals you win which can be used to buy more tanks and other cool stuff like better guns and paint.

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