The Lego Movie


This movie is epic!!! I watched it for my birthday with my friends and they liked it too.

It all starts with an ordinary guy called Emmet  who wants to be special and while he is working around a building site he sees a girl so he follows her. Then he falls down a hole and he touches a block called the piece of resistance which is the one thing that can stop a weapon called the Kragle which is basically super glue. So he goes on a long  journey to stop a person called Lord Business  from using the Kragle to freeze everyone. On the way he meets Batman, a wizard called Vitruvius , a spaceman called Benny, a creature called Unikitty,a metal pirate called Metal Beard and they all help Emmet defeat the evil Lord Business. My favourite part is when Benny gets obsessed with spaceships and pops up everywhere saying ‘Spaceship!!’.

I would really recommend this film to lego fans and to people who enjoy a laugh.

I would give this film 5 stars.


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